Cutting The Padlock: Michigan Casino Self-Exclusion Now

As of October 1, the Disassociated Persons List (DPL) included 4,825 people who had banned themselves from the Detroit casinos since 2001. The state does not offer a self-exclusion list for Native The Missouri Gaming Commission administers a List of Disassociated Persons for problem gamblers. The Problem Gambling List, created in 1996, provides problem gamblers with a method to acknowledge they have a gambling problem and to take personal responsibility for it by agreeing to stop visiting riverboat casinos in Missouri for the rest of their life, with a one-time option to petition to The self-exclusion list, known in Michigan as the Disassociated Persons List, was first created in 2001. The list and the new law affecting it pertain only to the three commercial casinos in Detroit: Greektown Casino Hotel; MGM Grand Detroit; Motor City Casino Hotel; The state’s 23 tribal casinos do not have a similar self-exclusion program. By adding themselves to the list, individuals There were 4,825 people on the Disassociated Persons list as of Oct. 1. Since the new law took effect, about 50 people have formally asked to be removed, said Richard Kalm, executive director of Pursuant to Michigan law from 1996, the MGCB developed the Disassociated Persons List. The voluntary program allowed applicants to make a lifetime pledge to never visit a Detroit casino. The board sends the list to each casino, the state’s attorney general, and the state police. An individual on the list who enters a Detroit casino is guilty of criminal trespassing punishable by imprisonment People who bestowed lifetime Detroit casino bans upon themselves are now able to reverse course, provided they spent at least five years on the state’s Disassociated Persons List, the Michigan Gaming Control Board announced Wednesday. Under a new law, Public Act 225 of 2020, people who voluntarily banned themselves from Detroit’s three casinos – the MGM Grand Detroit, MotorCity Casino

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